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Broad Street Technology Partners is proud to present its ready-to-use product line.


is a "work flow management" tool designed for brokerage firms producing equity research. It permits analysts to store and update earnings estimates and commentary, and to easily produce standardized reports.  The system also includes compliance tracking measures to simplify the process of approving research for publication.

Sample screen shots of this product will be on our site soon.

Street Chat

is a flexible and secure trading and sales bulletin board and chat tool which is concise and easy to use in "one handed" way. Windows NT user tool allows subscription to multiple bulletin boards. Access permission maybe strictly controlled centrally and include view/contribute, view only etc. The messages are distributed on an internal network or WAN through Unix servers.

One server is sufficent to service over one hundred clients.

Download a demonstration and more specifications.


Is tick collecting tool which can collect realtime intradaytick data into a database for later retrival. Data sources could include a real-time data network or trading system. this system comes Tib Co, Reuters Triarch and Micrognosis ready. The included documented API is straight forward to use.

KnowledgeBase ®

is a knowledge management product that encourages knowledge sharing and technique modularisation. This product is founded on the belief that if something is worth doing it's worth doing right the first time and documenting. This centralised information is the available to others to cut development time and promote resource re-use.